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The Halloween Spider Racky the spider spun her web in the corner of Cindys kitchen by the broom closet, where nobody could see her. Racky was afraid of people. People scream when they see spiders. The loud noise makes the tiny hairs all over her body vibrate. When her hairs vibrate, Racky gets scared. Racky liked to watch Cindy and her family from her corner in the kitchen. Cindy and her brother Matt had invitations to a Halloween party. Matt cut up cardboard boxes to make a robot costume, and glued aluminum foil on top. Cindy glued leaves onto one of her dads old t-shirts so she could look like a tree. Racky wanted to go to the party, too. She wanted to be a ghost. She spun herself a snug little white ghost costume leaving room for all eight of her spindly spider legs to stick out the bottom. She thought – I can spin a thread over the doorway and drop down onto Cindys costume when she goes out the door. Ill get to go to the party, and nobody will scream at me. Racky waddled along the ceiling. It was hard to walk gracefully in her ghost costume. She perched over the doorway, and spun her thread ready to drop onto Cindy when she walked underneath. Matt came to the doorway. The aluminum foil on his cardboard robot costume crackled. He walked stiff-legged, making his shoes go clump clump against the wood floor as he walked. The door handle clicked and a breeze pushed the door open. Matt stomped out onto the sidewalk. The breeze rustled Cindys leaves. She waved her arms like branches in the wind. Racky attached her sticky white thread to the lintel, ready to push-off with all eight of her spindly spider legs. Her thread was stronger than steel and more flexible than silk. It could hold her weight even though she was extra heavy with her ghost costume.

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Trick or Treat

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