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Hi Everybody, It's time to start the Christmas Celebration by playing one fantastic game. That is "Chris Mom Chris Child". The name itself tells that it is a game between Mom and Child. This gifting game is really interesting which would be played for few days until the evening of Christmas. The main aim of playing this game is to develop a cheerful environment during Christmas Eve celebration.

Rules of the game:

  • All the participants who are willing to contribute in this game have to give their name.
  • All the names will be written on a different paper and mixed up.
  • Everyone has to pick one paper and the participant who took the paper is the Chris Mom for the person whose name was in the paper.
  • The main thing is that no one should disclose the name they got.
  • The Chris Mom should send gifts to his/her child indirectly and the child should try to find their mom.
  • It's not compulsory to send gifts daily but should give as much as the mom can.
  • The mom can give Christmas Wristbands as gift to their child as it is cheap and portable. There are several types of wristbands are available in market so mom can give each type for each day.
  • The surprise would be announced to the child on 25th Dec and the Mom should give a memorable gift to the child. We hope that everyone will like this game and so we play the game and celebrate this Christmas with more joy.

Few more tasks:

  • I was once asked to stand upside down for 10 minutes.
  • Asked to wear dress with minimum 5 colors in it.
  • Asked to dance for a song with a billboard in my hands.
  • Deliver comedy dialogue with action.
  • The Chris Mom should send gifts to his/her child indirectly and the child should try to find their mom.
  • Sing a song with a particular actor voice
  • Dress like Santa on chrismom chrischild day and stay like that for the whole day.
  • Dress up like a Hindu god. My Chrisma was a bit rude on this.
  • Asked to stand on one leg and deliver a dialogue.
  • Stand on office table and tell everyone that i love you.
  • Stand on office table every one hour and say " Honey i miss you "
  • Should not tuck in my shirt for full 5 working days. Got scolding from my boss for doing this.
  • Asked to clean a table for 2 days in our office.
  • Drink one bottle of beer before office members.
  • Asked to stand on road and tell 10 people to quit smoking
  • Come wearing cow boy hat to office and stay like that for a day.
  • Write a graffiti in our restroom wall.
  • Peep through the window and send someone a flying kiss.
  • Asked to eat a bug before colleagues.

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