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Scary Halloween Costumes
These are the types of costumes that people wear if they want to really look scary. After all, being scary is what Halloween is all about, right? Scary Halloween costume designs can range from undead creatures of the night, vampires, creepy characters from movies, nightmarish creatures, and other characters whose looks can simply make your cringe and send chills down your spine.
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Costumes of Scary Halloween Costumes

The Infected Pro Halloween Costume

This full body costume will grow on you. His extra large hands and flabby belly add to the creepiness of his face. Razor sharp teeth and bloody lips present a frightful image to all onlookers. His wild, blood-shot eyes enhance the image of a man infected with something truly vile. Costume comes with Mask and Chest Combo, Hands and Shirt. Hand Painted to make this costume come to life. A Very Realistic Costume. Shirt Color May Vary.

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