Safety tips for kids

Kids are always fun lovers on the other hand it is very important to be conscious on things what they do. Don’t ever enter the strangers’ house for doing prank for "trick or treats".

Be under the supervision of your parents when you go out for trick-or-treating.

Don’t push or run while crossing the street. If you are wearing any costume it is recommended to take off the mask as it sometimes could disturb your vision.

Know the way before leaving While playing games don't go very long path from your house playing trick or treat games could take long way so know the way before leaving stick to the path that you already know

Never throw stones or eggs at houses, cars and animals. Vandalism is never encouraged in any fetes.

reflective /short costumes Wear dark color dress and use reflective taps for identification for drivers in road use torch light in night times don't chose long dress choose appropriate length for your children

avoid mask Wearing mask children cannot breathe or see properly so avoid mask instant draw horror funny pictures using nontoxic meterials

Play far from the lit jack-o-lanterns and it is advised to wear a flame retardant costume.

Carry only the flexible swords, knives, and similar costume accessories. Play it in a safe way without hurting anybody.

Make sure you carry a flashlight where ever you go and don’t ever enter the houses where the lights are off.

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