Nontoxic face paint

Paint your face with nontoxic home made face paint in getting an eerie look. You can have this edible face paint long on your face and it doesn’t cause any irritation or burn to your skin.

  • Flour
  • Vegetable oil
  • Water
  • Natural colors
  • Beet juice for pink
  • Blueberries for purple
  • Chocolate syrup for brown
  • Carrot juice for orange


Choose your desired color from the range of natural colors and mix the color syrup to the flour. Add water to the flour at regular intervals until the mixture gets to a paste form. Wash your face with cool water and gently apply the paint liberally on the face. Use tiny make up brushes to apply the coat so that you will get an even tone of shade on your face. Then gently apply vegetable oil over the coat, this makes the makeup to stay long for hours together.

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