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In recent days, games are mostly played only on online and this gradually diminished the interest of playing through physical means. But it is a proven fact that physical games add more fun and excitement, when compared to online games. Stuff your Halloween party with many interesting games that make your buddies and trick or treats engage themselves in exploring out the real fun.

Guess the ghost

Organize kids to sit in a circle such that they form somewhat a big circle. Make one child to be blindfolded. Play music and make the child to run round the formed circle by touching the heads of each assembled kids. When the music is stopped the blindfolded child has to guess correctly on whom he has placed his hands.

Eerie climbing cockroach

The game has to be strictly played with adults no children to be involved. Take a box, fill it with live cockroaches and cover the entire passage leaving a gap that a single hand can comfortably make way through passage. Put 2 to 3 rings in that box. The person who successfully lifts those rings is considered as the winner of the game. Keep the passage closed with lids and open only when the player is ready to play.

Halloween treasure hunt

Just hide a gift box in your home behind any Halloween decorations. The best place to hide the treasure is at cardboard stand-up gravestones, behind paper cut-bats kept hanged on the ceiling, inside the carved pumpkins or simply buried under mummy tombs that you artificially made at your backyard. Give directions and clues in a sequential order, keeping them to get completely engaged in finding out the treasure.

Witchy Word Games

This is a simple as well as an intellectual game to play among kids. Prepare a sheet of misplaced jumble of words and set timer to 5-7 min. Player who comes out with the maximum word within the allotted time is considered as the winner.

Halloween bingo game cards

Bingo is always the most played game among individuals. Let this game also be stuffed in your Halloween party. Prepare your own bingo cards or to make it much simpler take a print out and stick to the cardboard. Enjoy playing this fascinating game!

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Halloween Games

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