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The Nightmare before Christmas


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The Nightmare before Christmas

Henry Selick

Movies Release Country : United States
Release date : 29-Oct-93
Halloween Objects : Pumpkin
Characters : Sally, Oogie Boogie, Zero
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An undead skeleton is Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King, who lives in Halloween town. He is thought to be the scariest being in the entire world. One day he goes through a door in a tree and arrives in Christmas town and sees how happy and beautiful it is over there. When he is back in Halloween town he shows his friends what Christmas is like, and he suggests doing Christmas this year instead of Halloween. But things do not go as planned when an evil gambling boogey man named Oogie Boogie who plots to play a game with Santa Clause's life! Christmas Eve arrives soon after. Although Sally attempts to stop him, Jack embarks into the sky on a coffin-like sled pulled by skeletal reindeer, hoping to deliver presents to children around the world; while the townspeople are overjoyed, Sally wanders off alone to be miserable.

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