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James Gunn

Movies Release Country : United States
Release date : 31-Mar-06
Halloween Objects : Halloween Ghosts
Characters : Starla Grant, Bill Pardy, Grant Grant
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A meteor housing a malevolent alien parasite crashes into the town of Woodsville. While frolicking in the woods with Brenda (Brenda James), local big shot car dealer Grant Grant (Rooker) is subsequently infected and killed by the parasite. The parasite takes over his body and absorbs his consciousness and memories.[2] With the alien (called "The Long One") now in control of his body, 'Grant' begins to slowly change into a hideous tentacular sluglike monster. No one suspects Grant of the serial pet murders that have occurred around town, however his wife Starla (Banks) begins to question his health. He avoids doctors appointments and crafts lies to keep her in the dark. Sensing her distance from her husband, her childhood crush, town sheriff Bill Pardy (Fillion), attempts to reassure and comfort her while not acting on his own feelings. Grant infects the lonely and neglected Brenda with hundreds of his "offspring." He secrets her in an isolated barn where she in turn becomes massively obese as baby alien slugs grow inside her. Sheriff Bill Pardy leads a small group of officers on a hunt for Grant only to be lured into a trap where Brenda explodes releasing hundreds of the alien slugs. Most of Pardy's group become infected, zombie-like creatures. Strangely, the infected begin to want Starla and talk to her as if they are Grant. Before long, the rest of the town become infected by the Long One's parasites and change into zombies controlled via a hive mind connection with 'Grant', who plans to infect the rest of the world until he is 'all that is' as shown during a failed bonding attempt with Kylie (Saulnier). Its consciousness, however, is tampered with by the real Grant's memories and his love for his wife, Starla. Sheriff Bill Pardy, Starla, Kylie, and Mayor MacReady (Henry) try to escape detection and to kill the Long One. The townspeople attack their vehicle, capturing Starla in the process. The survivors, Sheriff Pardy and Kylie, track Starla, only to discover the infected are melding into one giant creature. They must risk their lives to stop the infestation from spreading any further. Starla charms the monster by calling him "Grant" and telling him they can be together, but as they get close to each other, she pulls a hairbrush handle from her underwear and stabs him in the chest. He slaps her with a tentacle and knocks her across the room. Meanwhile, Sheriff Pardy bursts in and tries to kill the monster with a grenade, but another tentacle knocks the grenade into the pool, where it detonates. The monster sends two sharp tentacles to stab Sheriff Pardy and infect him, and one is lodged in his stomach, but Pardy attaches the other to a small tank filling the Grant with gas, and Starla shoots the monster, causing it to explode. All the infected suddenly turn into regular dead bodies, and the three survivors begin their slow walk to a hospital to see about the sheriff's wounds. In a post-credits stinger, a cat wanders across a remaining parasite, which shoots itself into the creature in the same manner done toward Grant.

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