Costume safety tips

Make sure to choose fire-retardant costumes. Buy only the fire resistant fabrics to get on your costume selections. If you plan to design your own costumes then use either nylon or polyester, as they are inherently flame resistant.

Use home-made face packs. Most of the cosmetics brought from retail stores contain high percentage of chemicals and that shows high affinity in destroying the skin cells. Use natural products - try to make face packs on your own with fresh vegetable and fruit extracts.

Avoid costumes that over size your physical appearance. Tape your costumes properly else it could cause inconvenience when you move to places.

Choose smooth and flexible accessories. Sometimes sword and knife come as the part of costume accessories. Check they are made out of flexible materials.

Donít prefer masks that hide your vision instead use face painting to give an eerie look.

Pre-test the makeup before applying it on your body. Apply gently on the smaller portion of your hand, if causes any burning sensation then avoid using those cosmetics.

It is recommended not to use lens for children who are below 14 years. Adults on wearing lens need to always carry the liquid-solution case wherever they go.

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