Halloween Party 2012 in Contempo Technologies Pvt. Ltd

The Event of Halloween is famous in many parts of the world with great joy and is made of wide festivities and parties. It is, clearly, one of the most famous and likely festivities around the world, as it involves a whole world filled with fun and happy. Halloween party is appropriately associated with very amazing traditions, customs and stars. Wonderful spells, ghoulish costumes, scary party themes and delightful recipes have long been associated with this amazing Celtic event. Children and adults can be seen having fun as well on this happy day.

Our Contempo Technologies Pvt Ltd had a Halloween Party 2012 last week with full of scary and joy. All the employees were very much interested in participating in this party function. Everyone had their different Halloween costumes. Some of them are, Men cowboy costume, Women cowboy costume, Charlie Chaplin, Super hero costume, Military man costume, Cultural costumes, Devil costume, Mummy costume, Joker costume, Homemade costume etc. All the participants with best costume were selected as the winner of the Halloween Party 2012.

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