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Halloween, the last day of October, has a special consequence for children, who dress in humorous or ghostly costumes and knock on neighborhood doors shouting "Trick or Treat!" Pirates and princesses, ghosts and witches all hold bags open to catch the candy or other goodies that the neighbors drop in.

While the 800's November 1st is a sacred holiday known as All Saints' Day. The Mass that was said on this day was called All hallowmas. The evening before became known as All Hallow e'en, or Halloween. Like some other American celebrations, its origins lie in both pre-Christian and Christian customs.

Today school dances and neighborhood parties called "block parties" are popular among young and old alike. More and more adults celebrate Halloween. They dress up as historical or political figures and go to masquerade parties. In larger cities, costumed children and their parents gather at shopping malls early in the evening. Stores and businesses give parties with games and treats for the children.

Teenagers enjoy costume dances at their schools and the more outrageous the costume the better! Certain pranks such as soaping car windows and tipping over garbage cans are expected. But partying and pranks are not the only things that Halloweeners enjoy doing. Some collect money to buy food and medicine for needy children around the world.

Halloween on Earth is all about Halloween and Halloween Festival. You will find scary ghost stories, haunting Halloween history and lots of fun activities to do. It was created because who love for Halloween and his desire to create a better awareness for all things that are related to Halloween, where they came from, and what they're all about.
Don't forget to send us your Halloween ghost stories, jokes, crafts, costume ideas, and recipes. So, grab a friend and explore our Halloween Haunting. We hope you will enjoy exploring as much as we enjoyed creating.

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