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1. Dangling ghost 2. Sinister windows 3. Backyard decoration
4. Carve pumpkins 5. Monster bats 6. Hanging evil
7. Dancing ghosts 8. Dazzling pumpkins 9. Hanging witch
10. Spooky nest 11. Fake blood 12. Sugar skull
13. Artificial wounds 14. Face paint 15. Beast FX makeup
16. Face makeup 17. Thor costume 18. Cleopatra costume
19. Captain America costume 20. Iron man costume 21. Green lantern costume
22. Jack-o'-lantern pumpkin 23. Silhouette ghost pumpkins 24. Vampire pumpkins
25. Bat symbol pumpkin 26. Witch leg pumpkins 27. Kids safety
28. Parents guide 29. Safety tips 30. No Vandalism
31. Flame retardant costume 32. Flexible swords 33. Flashlight
34. Scary face pumpkin 35. Decoration on lintels 36. Fire retardant material
37. Object making 38. Graveyard building 39. Artificial candy
40. Avoid tattoos 41. Fire-retardant costumes 42. Face packs
43. Costume safety 44. Flexible accessories 45. Don't prefer masks
46. Pre-test the makeup 47. No lens for kids 48. House of 1000 corpses
49. All Hallows' Eve 50. Mischief Night 51. The Collection
52. Insidious: Chapter 2 53. Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines 54. Scary Movie 5
55. Hotel Transylvania 56. ParaNorman 57. Halloween: Resurrection
58. Guess the ghost 59. Eerie climbing cockroach 60. Halloween treasure hunt
61. Witchy Word Games 62. Halloween bingo game cards 63. Black and Orange
64. The Graveyard Book 65. Hallows Eve 66. Dark Harvest
67. Four Past Midnight 68. The Woman in Black 69. A Night in the Lonesome October
70. The Haunting of Hill House 71. Something Wicked This Way Comes 72. The Halloween Tree
73. Vampire Lens 74. Scary Lens 75. Zombie Contact Lenses
76. Cat Eye Contacts 77. Rave Contacts

Self House Decorations

1. Create your own dangling ghost by covering an awe sketched Styrofoam balls with shredding white rug. Make this free roaming ghosts suspend to the lintels.

2. Make sinister windows by spreading the chicken wire hanging as a cobweb. Paint an evil image on window glass and place candle stands near it such that the image reflects bold.

3. Decorate your backyard with dreadful mummies by just fastening medical gauze around wooden blocks such that a face like structure made of dough is attached on its apex.

4. Carve pumpkins and place small fluorescent bulbs in it. Spread the pumpkins such that it is made to roll on each and every step of the stairs and glow automatically when someone foots on the stairs.

5. Create monster bats by figuring eerie faces of bats on a cardboard and cut it in equal sizes, glue it spreading wider at the entrance hall.

6. Frighten the next door "trick or treat" crazies by the hanging evil. Fix the face of the evil mask on the outdoor ceiling and suspend the iron chain to it such that the shredded cloth partially covers the iron chain.

7. Dancing ghosts are pretty easy to make fasten 6 uneven sticks to the ground. Cover it with the white rug such that each suspended ends are tied with the other. Tender coconut shell can be used for getting the shape of eerie face.

8. Dazzling pumpkins - Attach the pumpkin figure (may be a puppet) at the end of hanging fluorescent lights. Sketch the pumpkin faces with different kinds of emotions such that it glows dazzling with the blaze of fluorescent bulbs.

9. Hanging witch - Create a witch figure by drawing an eerie face to the cardboard, cover it by a shredding black cloth. Fasten the broomstick into the hole, probably the elongated hole found in most porticos. Attach the witch make to the broomstick.

10. Have a spooky nest spread around your lawn. Put some roots or tender wooden sticks on the garden stand. Styrofoam balls can be used to get the look of evil egg where it can be wrapped with scary quotes.

Homemade make up

11. Fake blood - Mix light corn syrup with hot water and add red food coloring to it. Finally, add little tomato sauce to the mixture and you will get the original thick blood color.

12. Sugar skull - Mix the corn starch and water in such a ratio of 2:1 and add little cold cream and stir the whole part nicely. Add food coloring to the mixture until you get the desired color.

13. Artificial wounds and warts - To 1 oz. gelatin add 2 spoons of hot water. Later, Add some orange oil and chocolate syrup to it. In the wax paper pour the mixture and allow it to cool off, you will the structure of warts.

14. Face paint - Add the natural color syrup made of vegetable extract to the flour. Add water to the above mixture at regular intervals until it gets to a fine paste. Apply this paste gently on the face.

15. Beast FX makeup - Mix tapioca flour in water in the ratio 6:1 and heat the mixture until it gets to the exact latex texture. Add blue food coloring and several squirts of liquid foundation. Now, the FX make is ready.

16. Face makeup - Combine the starch and cold cream with water and stir it continuously. When you get the perfect blended mixture, add food coloring stuff to it.

Superhero costume

17. Thor costume - The complete set of outfit comes with an armored jumpsuit, mighty hammer/ sword, helmet with wings and a red cape.

18. Cleopatra costume - The complete set of outfit includes a full length white satin dress printed with gold fabric belt and a padded gold collar. Armbands, cuffs, attached cape, silver beads comes as an attached accessories.

19. Captain America costume - The complete set of outfit comes with colored American flag apparel, shield and a fascinating helmet.

20. Iron man costume - The complete set of outfit comes with a metallic luster finish armored suit with a silvery metallic helmet.

21. Green lantern costume - The complete set of outfit includes muscle chest jumpsuit with attached boot tops and eye mask.

Pumpkin carving

22. Jack-o'-lantern pumpkin - Cut off pumpkin's crown and Scoop out its seeds, flesh and fibres. Use marker to draw the outline of eerie face and with a sharp serrated knife cut the openings of marked outline. Pop a tea light inside the pumpkin and place the crown on the top.

23. Silhouette ghost pumpkins - Cut off the crown part and remove the inner flesh substance. Carve a silhouette. Using stencils mark the structure of ghost and carve out features like eyes and mouth. Place a tea light inside the pumpkin and replace the crown.

24. Vampire pumpkins - Before proceeding to steps have ready an artificial mouth template of vampire jaws. Draw outline of jaws on the pumpkin and cut openings along the marking. Remove the inner flesh substance and fit the artificial jaws. Fix beads for making an eye pattern.

25. Bat symbol pumpkin - Cut off the crown part and remove the inner flesh. Tape a bat stencil on the pumpkin and Punch holes following the lines. Cut openings along the dotted lines you have marked. Pop a tea light and place the crown on the top.

26. Witch leg pumpkins - Choose two equal long pumpkins of same size and draw the outline of witch's leg highlighting it in a black paint. Carve alternative stocking stripes over the black embossed pattern. Make bows using a grosgrain ribbon and pin to the shoes using T-pins.

Safety Tips

Safety tips for kids

27. Kids are always fun lovers on the other hand it is very important to be conscious on things what they do. Don't ever enter the strangers' house for doing prank for "trick or treats".

28. Be under the supervision of your parents when you go out for trick-or-treating.

29. Don't push or run while crossing the street. If you are wearing any costume it is recommended to take off the mask as it sometimes could disturb your vision.

30. Never throw stones or eggs at houses, cars and animals. Vandalism is never encouraged in any fetes.

31. Play far from the lit jack-o-lanterns and it is advised to wear a flame retardant costume.

32. Carry only the flexible swords, knives, and similar costume accessories. Play it in a safe way without hurting anybody.

33. Make sure you carry a flashlight where ever you go and don't ever enter the houses where the lights are off.

Halloween object safety

34. Don't allow kids to carve pumpkins. Make them only to sketch the scary face on pumpkins.

35. Avoid using fluorescent bulbs for decoration on lintels. Rain may cause generate static electricity when comes contact with the bulbs.

36. Always have a fire retardant material near you when planning to make jack-o-lanterns.

37. Never use sharp and spiny materials to make an object. Choose only the flexible material for modeling the object.

38. Avoid using heavy objects like rock and wood for building the tomb or graveyard, instead cardboard can be used to get the structure.

39. Don't ever trick the small trick-or-treats with artificial candy items that is made of plastic and rubber.

40. Try to avoid etching the permanent tattoos on the skin, as it might cause severe abrasions.

Costume safety tips

41. Make sure to choose fire-retardant costumes. Buy only the fire resistant fabrics to get on your costume selections. If you plan to design your own costumes then use either nylon or polyester, as they are inherently flame resistant.

42. Use home-made face packs. Most of the cosmetics brought from retail stores contain high percentage of chemicals and that shows high affinity in destroying the skin cells. Use natural products - try to make face packs on your own with fresh vegetable and fruit extracts.

43. Avoid costumes that over size your physical appearance. Tape your costumes properly else it could cause inconvenience when you move to places.

44. Choose smooth and flexible accessories. Sometimes sword and knife come as the part of costume accessories. Check they are made out of flexible materials.

45. Don't prefer masks that hide your vision instead use face painting to give an eerie look.

46. Pre-test the makeup before applying it on your body. Apply gently on the smaller portion of your hand, if causes any burning sensation then avoid using those cosmetics.

47. It is recommended not to use lens for children who are below 14 years. Adults on wearing lens need to always carry the liquid-solution case wherever they go.

Halloween Movies

48. House of 1000 corpses

Directed By: Rob Zombie

Written By: Rob Zombie

Cast: Sid Haig, Bill Moseley, Sheri Moon Zombie, Karen Black

Release Date: April 11, 2003

49. All Hallows' Eve

Directed By: Damien Leone

Written By: Damien Leone

Cast: Katie Maguire, Mike Giannelli, Catherine Ack

Release Date: October 29, 2013

50. Mischief Night

Directed By: Richard Schenkman

Written By: Richard Schenkman

Cast: Ian Bamberg, Noell Coet, Adam C. Edwards, Stephanie Erb

Release Date: October 30, 2013

51. The Collection

Directed By: Marcus Dunstan

Written By: Marcus Dunstan

Cast: Josh Stewart, Emma Fitzpatrick, Lee Tergesen

Release Date: September 21, 2012

52. Insidious: Chapter 2

Directed By: James Wan

Written By: James Wan

Cast: Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne, Lin Shaye

Release Date: September 13, 2013

53. Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines

Directed By: Declan O'Brien

Written By: Declan O'Brien

Cast: Doug Bradley, Camilla Arfwedson, Roxanne McKee

Release Date: October 23, 2012

54. Scary Movie 5

Directed By: Malcolm D. Lee

Written By: Pat Proft, David Zucker

Cast: Ashley Tisdale, Simon Rex, Erica Ash, Molly Shannon

Release Date: April 12, 2013

55. Hotel Transylvania

Directed By: Genndy Tartakovsky

Written By: Todd Durham, Daniel Hageman, Kevin Hageman

Cast: Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, Selena Gomez, Kevin James

Release Date: September 28, 2012

56. ParaNorman

Directed By: Sam Fell, Chris Butler

Written By: Arianne Sutner, Stephen Stone

Cast: Kodi Smit-McPhee, Tucker Albrizzi, Anna Kendrick

Release Date: August 17, 2012

57. Halloween: Resurrection

Directed By: Rick Rosenthal

Written By: Larry Brand, Sean Hood

Cast: Busta Rhymes, Jamie Lee Curtis, Thomas Ian Nicholas

Release Date: July 12, 2002

Halloween Games

58. Guess the ghost

Organize kids to sit in a circle such that they form somewhat a big circle. Make one child to be blindfolded. Play music and make the child to run round the formed circle by touching the heads of each assembled kids. When the music is stopped the blindfolded child has to guess correctly on whom he has placed his hands.

59. Eerie climbing cockroach

The game has to be strictly played with adults no children to be involved. Take a box, fill it with live cockroaches and cover the entire passage leaving a gap that a single hand can comfortably make way through passage. Put 2 to 3 rings in that box. The person who successfully lifts those rings is considered as the winner of the game. Keep the passage closed with lids and open only when the player is ready to play.

60. Halloween treasure hunt

Just hide a gift box in your home behind any Halloween decorations. The best place to hide the treasure is at cardboard stand-up gravestones, behind paper cut-bats kept hanged on the ceiling, inside the carved pumpkins or simply buried under mummy tombs that you artificially made at your backyard. Give directions and clues in a sequential order, keeping them to get completely engaged in finding out the treasure.

61. Witchy Word Games

This is a simple as well as an intellectual game to play among kids. Prepare a sheet of misplaced jumble of words and set timer to 5-7 min. Player who comes out with the maximum word within the allotted time is considered as the winner.

62. Halloween bingo game cards

Bingo is always the most played game among individuals. Let this game also be stuffed in your Halloween party. Prepare your own bingo cards or to make it much simpler take a print out and stick to the cardboard. Enjoy playing this fascinating game!

Creepy Halloween Books

63. Black and Orange

Author: Benjamin Kane Ethridge

Published: October 2010

Award: Bram Stoker Award

64. The Graveyard Book

Author: Neil Gaiman

Published: September 30, 2008

Awards: John Newbery Medal, Carnegie Medal in Literature, Hugo Award for Best Novel, etc

65. Hallows Eve

Author: Al Sarrantonio

Published: 2004

Genre: Horror fiction.

66. Dark Harvest

Author: Norman Partridge

Published: 2006

Genres: Fiction, Suspense, Horror, Speculative fiction

67. Four Past Midnight

Author: Stephen King

Published: September 1990

Award: Bram Stoker Award

68. The Woman in Black

Author: Susan Hill

Published: 10 October 1983

Genre: Ghost story, Horror novel

69. A Night in the Lonesome October

Author: Roger Zelazny

Published: 1993

Genre: Thriller novel

70. The Haunting of Hill House

Author: Shirley Jackson

Published: 1959

Genres: Fiction, Gothic fiction, Horror

71. Something Wicked This Way Comes

Author: Ray Bradbury

Published: 1962

Genres: Fantasy, Soft science fiction, Horror, Speculative fiction

72. The Halloween Tree

Author: Ray Bradbury

Published: 1972

Genres: Fiction, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Children's literature, Speculative fiction

Halloween Contact Lenses

73. Vampire Lens

Bring the real fear into the eyes of all Halloween enthusiasts by having vampire lens as one of the make-up accessories for giving an eerie look.

74. Scary Lens

Thrill and excite the trick and treats by disguising as a zombie creature in giving a real scary look by wearing the scary lenses.

75. Zombie Contact Lenses

Give a complete spooky and gore look with zombie contact lenses in adding extra evil gaze to your appearance.

76. Cat Eye Contacts

Cat eye lenses are specially designed in giving a light blaze multi color reflections to the eyes and it will truly frighten all the trick or treats.

77. Rave Contacts

Raves are the mascots of Halloween and no party gets complete without the touch of rave feel. Bring yourself lively to this appearance by wearing rave contacts.

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