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Matching Halloween Costumes
We get it. You’re in a stable relationship, comfortable enough with your significant other that the suggestion of matching Halloween costumes doesn’t send the other person running from the room gagging. The problem with the matching Halloween costume is that rarely does one partner’s costume work without the other. A ketchup bottle standing on its own in the corner while the mustard fetches drinks is going to look lonely and desperate, no matter what. If the costumes work on their own, and people don’t have to keep asking what you are when your mate isn’t around, then they’re a sign of good taste and a great relationship. If, however, you have to spend the night glued to each other’s hips, you might want to look up “codependent” in the dictionary.
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Our Prisoner Couples Costume might just land you and your partner in jail. Each Prisoner Costume features a striped convict shirt, matching pants and prisoner hat. The two of you will make great jailbirds!

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